You and your company are
working on the most complex
construction projects around the world

You are at the top of your discipline and you deliver your projects at the highest industry standards but when going abroad, to a new location, you are getting out of your comfort zone and you might end up running around “like a chicken without a head”. Therefore, after 10+ years facilitating international CAPEX projects for blue-chip companies, Barbara Goffioul has founded the “Chicken Without a Head” company that deals with all support functions in your remote locations, in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain!


Facilitate International Construction Projects by
Promoting Intercultural Understanding and New Ways of Working


Flexibility – Resilience – Tenacity – Agility



  • 01
    Site Selection and Acquisition
  • 02
    Clients Representation
  • 03
    Public Relations and Lobbying
  • 04
    Subcontractors Selection
  • 05
  • 06
    Site Compliance Management
  • 07
    Specialized Translations
  • 08
    Cross-Cultural Training
  • 09
    Market Access Consultancy


Engineering & Construction Projects

We facilitate the delivery of CAPEx projects in Mainland Europe and we work for a diverse range of specialized industrial (sub-)contractors.

Our Clients Operate on the Highest Safety Standards (from Seveso to Offshore)

Our Clients Specialize in Automated and Controlled Environments

Our Clients Build Cleanrooms, Critical Facilities and High-Tech Manufactures

What’s in your
pipeline ?

We help you to not run around like chickens without heads with all the local issues of your projects in Mainland Europe