Barbara Goffioul

I founded Chicken Without a Head to combine my talent for research and transmission with my passion for international construction

After graduating in Journalism in Brussels and following an extra cursus in Drama in Canada, I have worked for 5 years in the Audio-Visual Industry, managing technicians planning and trucks logistics for large events and then producing corporate or commercial videos and organizing all types of events. When the 2008 crisis hit the sector, I popped up in an Irish pub on Avenue Louise in Brussels and I met a lad there who told me about an Irish engineering company which had just secured a huge contract for the construction of a pharmaceutical plant in Wavre and which would need a dynamic all-round multitasks professional like me to facilitate their landing in Belgium. This was the start of an unbelievably exciting 10 years’ journey in the international engineering and construction world, as well as the beginning of my long-standing relation with Ireland.


  • Launched International Worksites (2021)
    A unique multicultural training offer specifically designed for the construction industry
  • Started Data Centers Construction Gurus (2021)
    A peer group for professionals delivering mission critical projects all over the world
  • Opened an office in Flanders (2020)
    And a subsidiary in the Netherlands is in the pipeline
  • Won the Active Women Awards Brussels-Wallonia (2019)
    Price of the Leading Female Business Owner in the Starter category
  • Founded Chicken Without a Head (2019)
    Also launched Building Female Success, a movement for women in construction in the Benelux region

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

Steve Jobs

On a daily basis at Chicken Without a Head, I act as an R&D Officer, identifying the pitfalls for foreign contractors in Belgium and Netherlands and developing tools and services specifically designed for their high-end and complex international projects. I also support sales and recruitment activities. And for some key-clients, I provide now and then high-profile market access consultancy or advise on new site installation and local staff and subcontractors selection and on-boarding as well as on site compliance management.

I am a digital-revolution enthusiast who is not only building up a second career as a webpreneur but I also adopted the nomad working- and life-style. Changing regularly of workspaces re-energizes me, enhances my key agile skills and allows me to better understand the needs of the international engineers and technicians who travel intensively and often relocate to new locations.

One week per quarter, I go green and work in the woods from a rural coworking in Saint-Hubert, an iconic small town of the Belgian Ardennes. In most of my moves, I am accompanied by old shelter-dogs finding a gold retreat by my side. You can follow our adventures as well as my female entrepreneur journey on my Instagram account !

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