Data Centers Construction in Belgium (>10MW)


Responsibilities included the support of an international team of Contract Managers with research on potential subcontractors, contact with local sales forces of these companies, support to procurement process and during the execution phase, full responsibility of industrial relations including declaration of works, workers checking management, audit of international workers and sub-contracting chain as well as relations with local authorities. A total of 235 companies were engaged on this project. At peak the total amount of workers on site was just under 1,200! A major social inspection happened on site. It was composed of 24 Belgian state representatives (Federal Public Service Employment, Labor and Social Dialogue, Social Security Affairs, etc.) and translators. The delegation recognized the excellent administration work of the team involved (secretaries, consulting experts, security services).

Services provided:

  • Subcontractors’ Selection
  • Procurement Support
  • Recruitment of Local Site Supervisors, Safety Officers and Site Admin
  • Consultancy on Site Compliance with Social Security
  • Client Representation towards Belgian Authorities
  • Social Site Inspection Management